The National Service Scheme (NSS) has been introduced in the college since 1972 to promote National consciousness and to in calculate a sense of social responsibility, discipline and dignity of labour among the students.

Specific Objects:

The specific objects of the NSS are

  1. To arouse the Students Social consciousness and provide opportunities.
  2. To work with and among the people.
  3. To engage in nonviolent and constructive social activities.
  4. To enhance the knowledge of self and the community through a confrontation with reality.
  5. To put Scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least the some of the social problems and
  6. To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership.

There are four NSS units in the college including one Girls units and each unit consists of fifty student volunteers for a period of at least two years. Each volunteer has to choose on of the following groups.

  1. Social Service and village development.
  2. Adult Literary Drive.
  3. Village Survey and Campus Project.

There will be one special camp for all the above groups. Attendance in week-end cams and annual camps (75% attendance minimum) is obligatory. Certificates are issued to the deserving volunteers.

Special Camping Programme :

  1. Special Camping programmes are organised by the NSS preferably during along and short vacations in the rural community of adapted villages near the college or slums assigned to the college.
  2. The camp provides opportunity to the students to work with and among the people in order to fulfill their felt needs through co-operative effort.
  3. It helps the student youth to react in a live situation in a society and develop a positive attitude to make contributions for the betterment of fellow human beings.
  4. The interactions between the college and the adopted village, the society and the University increase the social conscience and the social responsibility of the student volunteers and fills them with a sense of participation in national development.